Spring 2019

Approaches to Chinese Painting

Listed in: Art and the History of Art, as ARHA-388  |  Asian Languages and Civilizations, as ASLC-383


Samuel C. Morse (Section 01)


(Offered as ARHA 388 and ASLC 383) This class will survey the Chinese pictorial and calligraphic traditions from the Neolithic era to the present day. Particular emphasis will be placed on the period from the Northern Song to the Qing dynasties and the development of the landscape idiom, but the course will also address the figure, bird and flower, and narrative traditions as well. It will conclude with an exploration of the ways contemporary artists engage the legacy of China’s cultural heritage. Special attention will be given to the differences between Western methodological approaches to Chinese painting and the theories of painting developed by the Chinese themselves.

Spring semester. Professor Morse.


Fine Arts for Non-majors, Transnational or World Cultures Taught in English


2022-23: Not offered
Other years: Offered in Spring 2019