Ron Bashford

Ron Bashford

Associate Professor of Theater and Dance; Chair of Theater and Dance

I am a theater director who also studied music while I was an undergrad. I have been drawn to the idea of the various arts departments and other groups at the college working more closely together ever since the inception of the Arts at Amherst Initiative in 2012. As the Initiative's mission has evolved, we are open to supporting ideas that create intersections between the arts and sciences, as well as other humanities. As I re-join the Initiative after a few years off, I'm especially interested in how we can showcase creative writing in performative ways, and to include voices that aren't always heard.

Joshua M. Guilford

Joshua M. Guilford

Assistant Professor of English in Film and Media Studies

Fayerweather Hall
I'm new to the Arts at Amherst Steering Committee, but have already benefited in many ways from this initiative, which has helped to support many of the cultural events that I have attended around campus, as well as several visits by artists and curators that I have organized myself. I look forward to helping the AAI continue its support of arts programming and cross-disciplinary collaborations this coming year. As a member of the English Department and the Film and Media Studies Program, I have gained significant experience with interdisciplinary work, as my position at the College entails regular collaboration with faculty, students, and staff from such fields as literature, dance, music, and the visual arts. I am eager to continue such collaborations with the AAI.
Miloslava Hruba

Miloslava Hruba

Study Room Manager and European Print Specialist

Before permanently settling in the US, I was director of the Lobkowicz [Art] Collections in Czech Republic. I joined the Mead in 2010 as a researcher for the Thomas Whitney collection of Russian art. In my current role as Study Room Manager and European Print Specialist, I coordinate artwork requests and installations for academic programs, and have curated and collaborated on several exhibitions.
For more than a decade I have co-facilitated “Collecting 101”, a program engaging students in acquiring art for the Mead while centering artists from underrepresented communities. I seek opportunities to integrate digital humanities and sciences into collection based projects, and to encourage interdisciplinary and intradepartmental use of the Mead’s collection. Last year I initiated a collaboration between the Mead and the Athletics department on an art project which will become a permanent initiative. As a new member of the AAI steering committee I look forward to learning and supporting creative, exciting, and community bridging undertakings.

Sienna McCulley

Sienna McCulley

Weekend Access Services Associate

Having just graduated from Amherst this past December, I am thrilled to continue my engagement with the arts community as the 2022-2023 Arts Coordinator. As a liberal arts student at heart, I resonate strongly with the Initiative's mission to defy departmental and disciplinary boundaries, and I am excited for the opportunity to help expand that vision. I hope to build a career in the field of public programming, so I cannot wait to see what invaluable experiences my year with the Arts at Amherst Initiative will offer. 

Jason Robinson

Jason Robinson

Associate Professor of Music

A founding member of the Arts at Amherst Initiative, I’m excited to serve again on the Steering Committee. In the early years of the Initiative I helped to organize annual interdepartmental arts festivals and other events. Inspired by the ways our Initiative has continued to evolve and expand, I’m interested in helping to foster a vibrant, creative, and visionary interdisciplinary arts community on campus and between our various departments. A saxophonist, composer, and writer, my teaching and research revolve around improvisation, networking and interactive technology, composition, and African American music.

Niko Vicario

Niko Vicario

Assistant Professor of Art and the History of Art

I am an art historian who often approaches contemporary art from an interdisciplinary perspective. The Arts at Amherst Initiative’s mission puts an emphasis on cross-departmental collaboration and I am looking forward to being part of a committee committed to this work.

Past Steering Committee Members

Danielle Amodeo, Previous Public Programs and Marketing Specialist at the Mead Art Museum

Dwight A. Carey, Assistant Professor of Art and the History of Art

Rob Croll '16, 2016-17 Arts Coordinator

Bryan Doniger '18, 2018-19 Arts Coordinator

Yagil Eliraz, Assistant Professor of Theater & Dance

Betsey Garand, Senior Resident Artist in the Department of Art & the History of Art

David Gloman, Senior Resident Artist in the Department of Art & the History of Art

Darryl Harper, Associate Professor of Music; Director of the Center for Humanistic Inquiry; Chair of Music

Lauren Horn '17, 2017-18 Arts Coordinator 

Carol Keller, Professor of Art & the History of Art

Justin Kimball, Conway Professor in New Media; Chair of Art & the History of Art

Eliza Larson, 2013-14 Arts Coordinator

Adam Levine, Assistant Professor of Art, Film and Media Studies

David Little, John Wieland 1958 Director and Chief Curator, Mead Art Museum

Vanja Malloy, Curator of American Art at the Mead Art Museum

Ellen Mutter '18, 2019-2021 Arts Coordinator 

Theo Peierls '19, 2021-2022 Arts Coordinator 

Jenna Reigel, Assistant Professor of Theater and Dance

Alla Rosenfield, Curator of Russian & European Art at the Mead Art Museum 

Eric Sawyer, Professor of Music

David Schneider, Andrew W. Mellon Professor of Music; Dean of the Class of 2021

Dylan Schneider '06, 2015-16 Arts Coordinator, 2017-18 Visiting Lecturer in Music 

Ian Stahl '14, 2014-15 Arts Coordinator

Wendy Woodson, Roger C. Holden 1919 Professor of Theater & Dance 

Amelia Worsley, Assistant Professor of English