Association of Amherst Students (AAS)

The Association of Amherst Students is the student government that serves the Amherst College community. Our purpose is to represent the student body and be a liaison between students and administration.

Amherst Student Government

The words Association of Amherst Students in a circle around an AAS logo We, the students of Amherst College, acknowledge our responsibilities to ourselves as individuals, to the community, and to each other, and shall pursue the ideals of all without denying the ideals of one. We shall establish a community in which each individual is accepted and in which each individual participates. Promoting the free interaction and exchange of ideas, we declare our commitment to articulating student voices for advancing action and change. We shall use our collective voice to take an active role in affecting the College’s policies and priorities. In affirmation of these principles and to ensure fair representation for all Students we hereby establish the Association of Amherst Students.


The Association of Amherst Students, in order to fulfill our mission of representing student voices for action and change, adopts the following core values:

  1. Honestyintegrity, and transparency, to facilitate trust, good faith, and good advocacy;
  2. Respect for all members of our community, to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard, that everyone feels welcome, and that our actions promote and protect everyone’s needs;
  3. Excellence, in ourselves and our partners, to never do or accept less than students deserve;
  4. Accountability, to always own up to our mistakes and to never accept apologies without change;
  5. Learning, to recognize our place at an education institution where we must grow both in and out of the classroom;
  6. Action, to point us towards concrete change rather than words alone;
  7. Health and happiness, especially mental health, to ensure that all students can live meaningful and good lives; and
  8. Humanity, to prioritize people over policy and to remember our mission to enact progressive change.

These values guide our work for students with the administration and in the broader world. We pledge to follow them, and we ask to be held accountable if we falter.

Our Structure

AAS consists of three branches—legislative, judicial, and executive, as laid out in the AAS Constitution. A President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Judiciary Council Chair serve as the Executive Branch. A 33-member Student Senate makes up the Legislative Branch, comprised of 8-senators from each class and a transfer student representative. Finally, the judicial branch is comprised of the Judiciary Council, headed by the Judiciary Council Chair. Learn more about us on our Members page.

Executive Board

President: Angelina Han '22
Vice-President: Basma Azzamok '22
Treasurer: Jae Yun Ham '22
Secretary: Lucas Romualdo '24
Judiciary Chair: vacant


Judiciary Council

Alexandre Jabor ’23
Sterling Kee ’23
Senator Lori Alarcon '24
Senator Dania Hallak '24
Senator Minji Kim '25
Senator Josh Kim '25

2022 Senators

Sam Beach
Mattea Denney
Gabrielle Forman
Nicolas Graber-Mitchell
Sofia Guerra
Kyabeth Rincon
Chloe Wohlgemuth
Jessica Yu

2023 Senators

Fareeda Adejumo
Chloe Metz
Maira Owais
Gillian Quinto
Sam Robin
Sophie Sweeney
Sirus Wheaton

2024 Senators

Taha Ahmad
Lorett Alarcon
Calvin Gelernt
Dania Hallak
Allie Ho
Jackson Lee
Jeffrey Ma
Anna Penner

2025 Senators

Michael Bai
Isaiah Doble
Hannah Kim
Josh Kim
Min Ji Kim
Gent Malushaga
Shreya Susan Mathew
Jaden Richards

Transfer Student Seat

Mia Griffin '24

A group of students debating in a classroom

Our Focus

The AAS represents the student body and makes recommendations to the administration based on student input. The Senate is charged with distributing the student activities fee to student organizations for campus-wide events.

Johnson Chapel surrounded by green spring trees

Constitution & Bylaws

The AAS Constitution and Bylaws etablish the composition of the AAS governement and declare our commitment to articulating student voices for advancing action and change.

Suggestion Box

The AAS is interested in responding to your concerns and questions.  Please let us know what you have noticed at Amherst that you would like us to address.


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