AAS Projects, Initiatives, and Events


  • Funded great events, like bringing Ralph Nader (APU), Angela Yee (WAMH), poets for VOICES (La Causa), and Bamby Salcedo (student Jackie Chavez) to campus
  • Organized and funded shuttles to New York City, Boston, and Bradley airport for students during Thanksgiving break, which will return for Spring Break!
  • Increased funding for the popular TYPO program
  • Continued to update our funding policies, such as mandating table tents as publicity to make events more accessible to students, and introducing an application for clubs to be able to request extra food money for hallmark events (which will be implemented in Spring 2016)
  • Updated our website, www.amherst.edu/campuslife/aas/budgetary, to make it easier to navigate, to make our policies easier to understand, and to include examples of filled out forms and answers to FAQs.

Student Life

  • Created a calendar for student organizations to publicize upcoming events
  • Hosted a forum for students to voice their opinions on the mascot
  • Organized a forum with administrators and students to discuss initiatives to address racism on campus
  • Conducted polls on the mascot, social clubs, and student representation on the College Council
  • Facilitated the creation of a Club Sports Council to advise the Athletic Department about issues pertaining to club sports
  • Documented the non-usage of the O'Connell lot by staff and successfully lobbied the administration to open the lot back up to students
  • Created an informational webpage to increase awareness about back-up funding sources on campus
  • Worked to secure two seats on the Board of Trustees for recent graduates who can help the Board to better contextualize campus culture, structures, and practices when making big picture and directional decisions

Committee Updates

The Powerhouse Committee

  • Organized live-band performance for first-weekend back to school
  • Launched study hours Sunday-Wednesday with free Keurig coffee
  • Installed new furniture
  • Formalized reservation process and hired Powerhouse managers 
  • Ordered in-house sound system for live bands
  • Worked in conjunctions with the SHEs and PAs to host Powerhouse study breaks during Finals  Continuing planning for Live Music Thursdays w/ food & drinks

Curriculum Committee

  • Researched curricular trends, faculty/student ratios, distribution requirements and other topics at peer universities and colleges.
  • Examined major requirements, distribution among majors/classes by ethnicity/race, and other factors, as well as looking at the role of advising, and whether students are taking courses in broad subject matter
  • Created smaller working groups to create more concrete recommendations and policy changes
  • Planning ways to broadly solicit student, faculty and staff opinions and ideas in the spring semester

College Council

  • Revising the honor code to more broadly cover discrimination and harassment, especially of race-related issues and are meeting with a Dean as well as legal representatives to facilitate changes.
  • Creating a better method of reporting discrimination/harassment complaints with the Office of Student Affairs.

Committee on Priorities and Resources

  • Created a more egalitarian model of staff and faculty retirement savings model.
  • Compiling the annual salary report and preparing to review and prioritize budget requests for FY16